Have a question about our store, products or policies? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still can’t find the answer, give us a call, or send us a message here.

Questions About the Store

What are the store hours?
Our Current Hours are 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday-Friday, and Saturdays are 10 a.m.- 7 p.m. Our current store hours are always posted on Facebook, including any unusual schedule changes (holiday hours, snow days, etc.)
Where should I park?
Customer parking is provided behind our store on Mechanic Street.
Why isn't everything in the store available online?
Our in-store inventory is eclectic and ever-changing, featuring antiques, artwork, taxidermy and other one-of-a-kind pieces. Part of the magic of shopping the Mangy Moose is that there's always something new to discover! However, many of these treasures either don't ship well, or can't be easily restocked, and so we have chosen to limit which products we sell online. Our online inventory is a selection of our favorite apparel and gifts and we'll keep it updated as new styles arrive. As always, if you saw something in the store that you can't live without, but it isn't available online, give us a call (800-606-6517). Some items require special shipping arrangements which must be quoted on a case-by-case basis.
Are dogs allowed in the store?
Yes! We love dogs, and we happily welcome your well-behaved, leashed four-legged friends. Most of Freeport is dog-friendly. Always check with individual stores to make sure Fido is welcome!

Questions About Online Shopping

Which forms of payment are accepted online?
We currently accept PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to securely pay for your order with a credit card through the PayPal portal.
When & how will my items be shipped?
Orders will be shipped within two business days. Orders are shipped via USPS unless otherwise noted or negotiated.
How much does shipping cost?
Standard shipping for all orders* costs just $6! We use USPS Priority Mail. *Orders shipping to AK & HI may require additional fees. Some custom orders may require additional shipping costs, which will be communicated before you complete your purchase.
What if I need to return or exchange an item?
We hope you love all of your Mangy goods, but if you need to make a return or exchange, simply send us an email and we'll help you through the process. You'll send your return back to us, and we'll either send you your new item, or refund your purchase price. Returns should be initiated within 30 days of receipt. Garments which have been washed/worn/soiled/etc. may not be returned. For returns/exchanges please call 800.606.6517 or email hello@themangymoose.com attn: Online Exchanges/Returns.
Do you ship internationally?
Currently, we can only ship within the USA.
What size tee shirt should I buy?
Great question! Check out our handy Size Guide right here.

Questions About Freeport

Where is the nearest public restroom?
A public restroom is available behind the chowder house on Mechanic Street. To get there, take an immediate left upon exiting our store, walk down Mechanic Street, and follow the signs behind the chowder house. There are also public restrooms in the Freeport Village Station.
How strictly monitored are those 15-minute parking spots?
In the summer, Freeport's 15-minute parking spots are very closely monitored. Don't risk it - if you're planning to spend a while browsing the store, please use our parking lot behind the store. There is also a large, free parking garage beneath Freeport Village Station.
Where can I go to see a moose?
Great question! We wish we could tell you exactly where to go, and what time of day to stake out your moose sighting, but it isn't quite so simple. Moose don't really want us to see them. The Rangeley and Moosehead Lake areas of Maine are great places to spot them in their natural habitat, but if you don't have much time, consider visiting the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray. It's only about 15 miles from Freeport. At the park you'll meet over 30 species of native Maine wildlife - including moose - in natural settings. Most of these animals cannot be released back into the wild due to permanent injuries, habituation to humans, or having been born in captivity. The park is open mid-April through mid-November.
Where can I go to see the ocean?
Maine's coastline is beautiful and diverse, with beaches, bays and coves. In Freeport, you can explore the rocky shores of Casco Bay at Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park, a five-minute drive from the Main Street shops. A great list of Maine beaches can be found here.
Where should I eat lunch in Freeport?
At lunch time, you can usually find our team picking up a toastie or a slice of pizza from Derosiers, just a few doors down at 120 Main Street. Some of our other favorites around town include: Kama SouptraLi's ChineseTuscan BistroGritty's1912 Cafe, and Bow Street Market.
What time do most of the stores in Freeport close?
During summer months, most stores in Freeport are open until 8pm or later. We recommend checking with the individual stores you're interested in visiting to make sure you don't miss out!